m3diate 梦幻平台

exploring the future of communication in mediated reality.

M3diate is an experimental software development and user engagement initiative using virtual and augmented reality to create immersive environments designed to elicit a sense of real presence with others and inspire communication, learning and creativity through exploration. M3diate aims to foster a future where people are truly able to communicate and engage with one another regardless of time and space. We do this by combining offline and online social interaction with virtual environments and tools.




Currently, we are working on a number of projects in the exciting medium of virtual reality - all of which make use of our unique networked spatial audio engine, capable of producing lifelike sound in 3D dimensions that responds to your action and environment. Check our dev log often for updates.




multi-user social vr  

m3diate is a multi-user VR environment with hyper-realistic 3D voice chat and shared visuals and interaction. It is the core platform upon which we build our VR and AR experiences.


  • studio-quality, hyper-realistic 3D networked voice chat.
  • host up to 15 people in virtual and mixed-reality environments. 
  • highly customizable back-end (built in c++ and Unreal Engine 4)

to be with hamlet


m3diate is excited to partner with the To Be With Hamlet production!

The m3diate platform provides for multiple people to inhabit a virtual space with realtime, networked 3D voice chat and motion. Each inhabitant is able to hear and see each other's voice and motions, including hands, face and full body motion. To Be With Hamlet is using m3diate for:

  • Motion capture actor voice recording and playback

  • Motion capture skeleton replication

  • Spatialized audio

  • Network transfer of performance data from server to clients

  • Teleportation

To Be With Hamlet is the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) production of Shakespeare and one of the first projects to stage a live performance in social VR. The production’s head-tracking technology empowers audience members to move with Hamlet through virtual battlements as he confronts his murdered father’s vengeful ghost. By utilizing cutting-edge Social Virtual Reality technology, the production also enables participants to see their fellow audience members in virtual space in real-time, creating a virtual immersive theatre experience like no other. 




wavefront is a VR digitial-audio-workstation (DAW) designed with pro-am musicians in mind. We started out by asking the simple question: what kind of musical experiences and interfaces are possible in an alternate reality? From there, we started designing our MVP - currently hodgepodge of UE4 + OSC + Max4Live plugins and some custom spatialization code.


  • integration with Ableton Live
  • multi-user DAW syncronization
  • low-latency VST hosting
  • audio visualization effects
  • individual track spatialization