to be with hamlet

m3diate powers world’s first live VR theater

m3diate is excited to partner with the To Be With Hamlet production!

To Be With Hamlet is a live theatre performance in Virtual Reality that uses m3diate to allow anybody anywhere to have an intimate experience with Hamlet, Shakespeare's dramatic masterpiece.

  • Live full-skeleton tracking, audio spatialization and networking

  • Networked social VR enables the live performance to be shared with 15 ‘guests’ at the same time; each being able to teleport and watch the performance from any vantage point in the VR theater

  • Works with major motion capture and consumer motion tracking systems

To Be With Hamlet is the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) production of Shakespeare and one of the first projects to stage a live performance in social VR. The production’s head-tracking technology empowers audience members to move with Hamlet through virtual battlements as he confronts his murdered father’s vengeful ghost. By utilizing m3diate's cutting-edge social VR platform, the production also enables participants to see their fellow audience members in virtual space in real-time, creating a virtual immersive theatre experience like no other. 

To Be With Hamlet has been accepted to the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival for 2017!