Hyperspace Reality - Dec 2 &3 by Ted Lee

This December 2 and 3, TianAn CyberPark TianAn Cyber Park welcomes you to the world’s most immersive total media experience.

You’ll enter into a new world built using one of the world’s most advanced immersive systems. Thanks to the methods of science and new technology, we have been able to reconstruct the sweep of cosmic evolution and defined your part in its great story. The size and age of the cosmos are beyond ordinary human understanding. Lost somewhere between immensity and eternity is our tiny planetary home, the Earth. For the first time, you will have the power to decide the fate of our planet and ourselves.

Hyperspace is one of the world’s top motion-tracked virtual reality technical and artistic achievements. It combines the best of virtual reality technology, computer vision, motion capture and uses seamless spatial motion, audio and touch networking technology to provide guests with an unforgettable sense of presence in a virtual environment with other people. It is a completely immersive media experience that transports guests to another world.

Using m3diate’s networked virtual reality technology, audience members are able to see, hear, touch and interact not only with their friends in the room, but also with others in real time as they traverse the wonders of the cosmos with a live motion-captured guide.

Experience Details:

Location: TianAn CyberPark, Longgang, Shenzhen, China
Date: December 2 and December 3
Time: 9:00AM (VIP) - 10:00AM |10:00AM - 6:00PM

m3diate's fall so far... by Ted Lee

It's been a busy couple of months for m3diate!  We've on-boarded 3(!) new team members, Kyle Greenberg (NYC), Tareq Al Shamsi (Abu Dhabi), and Zhi Kang Shao (Nijmegen) as well as recruited some amazing friends to help us get our name and products out there!


Kyle, Giancarlo, Marjorie and Jesse, were able to demo m3diate VR at both the 2017 NYC Media Lab at the New School and the 2017 NYVR Expo at the Jacob Javits convention center.  Hundreds of curious VR enthusiasts (and skeptics) were able to meet m3diate team members from other parts of the world in VR through the m3diate VR platform.


m3diate powers immersive worlds by Ted Lee

the m3diate platform provides the ability to create networked immersive experiences. m3diate's real-time networked spatial audio and motion capture allows you to share experiences with anyone anywhere in the world. #m3diate #immersiveworlds

here's a short demo reel of 4 friends hanging out in their low-poly VR co-working space.

Raw Footage of To Be With Hamlet by Ted Lee

Unedited video capture of the To Be With Hamlet performance from the VR viewpoint.  To Be With Hamlet utilizes m3diate's socialVR technologies for spatialized 3D audio, real time 'multi-player' engagement, teleportation, and real time skeletal motion capture data transfer and replication.

To Be With Hamlet Live Viewings from NYU Abu Dhabi by Ted Lee

During the first day of performances at the Tribeca Film Festival, viewings were also held simultaneously from NYU Abu Dhabi.  

Students were able to join the performances (despite the 8 hour time difference!) to interact and watch the performances with audience members at the festival in New York in real time.

HamletVR a Hit at the Tribeca Film Festival! by Ted Lee

After an incredible (and challenging!) first day of performances at the Tribeca Film Festival, the reviews are in... To Be With Hamlet is a hit!

Mashable just published a very complimenting article on the VR showcases at the festival and highlighted To Be With Hamlet in particular: 

"Of all the rule-breaking approaches to Shakespeare executed over the years by theaters and filmmakers alike, To Be With Hamlet may be, hands down, the most cutting-edge of them all."

They also highlighted m3diate's multi-user environment and teleportation functionality as something out of 'sci-fi'!

Global Cre8 Summit by Ted Lee

m3diate is taking center stage at this year's Global Cre8 Summit in Shenzhen, China!

In addition to joining a number of leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship from around the world (including NYU's own Ken Perlin and Adam Brandenberger), m3diate will have a pavillion demo'ing the m3diate platform, 'bongos', holojam, and HamletVR.

Learn more at the Global Cre8 website

Languagecon 2016 by Christian Grewell

Christian will be demonstrating a new platform for live education and a novel language-learning use case for their latest technology - language lessons in virtual reality. Participants will enter one of two separate rooms and have a live and interactive language learning encounter.

Languagecon 2016 will be on September 25, 2016 at NYU Shanghai.  


Play by Ted Lee

Christian joins Ken Perlin @ NYU Talks to moderate a discussion with NYU Shanghai students Kadallah Burrowes and Xiaoyue Gong and NYU Gallatin student Tyler Finley, on the value of ‘play’ as a wellspring for creativity and innovation, and its role within the process of discovery and creation and in their own lives and work.


HamletVR! by Ted Lee

m3diate is very happy to announce our partnership with the To Be With Hamlet team!

m3diate is providing the networked multi-user VR and 3D audio platform which will provide audience members with a hyper realistic audio experience.  This will enable participants to have an even more intimate connection with Prince Hamlet.

To Be With Hamlet is the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) production of Shakespeare and one of the first projects to stage a live performance in social VR. The production’s head-tracking technology empowers audience members to move with Hamlet through virtual battlements as he confronts his murdered father’s vengeful ghost. By utilizing cutting-edge Social Virtual Reality technology, the production also enables participants to see their fellow audience members in virtual space in real-time, creating a virtual immersive theatre experience like no other. 

We're currently testing the integrated platform in New York, Netherlands, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.  Despite the vast distances between audience members, the experience will make you feel like you are in the same black box theater with the actor and other audience members.