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multi-user social vr  

m3diate is a multi-user VR environment with hyper-realistic 3D voice chat, shared visuals and interaction, and automation tools. It is the core platform upon which we (and you) can build VR and AR experiences


  • Real-time Multi-person Networking: real-time networked voice chat and real-time networked multi-user motion tracking.

  • Positional Audio: 3D positional voice chat, realistic room reverberation and sound synthesis.
  • Collaboration Tools: collaborative prototyping tools, shared web browsers, etc...
  • Automation Toolkit: record, edit, duplicate, playback motion and audio. 
  • Built for Scale: highly customizable back-end (built in c++ and Unreal Engine 4) with scalable cloud architecture allowing m3diate to scale from 1 to hundreds of organzations.